Do you know what your IRA/Retirement Plan is ACTUALLY worth to your beneficiaries? Most don’t… 

Are you aware that the IRS is your biggest beneficiary on your retirement accounts & will take up to 40% or more at death? Let us show you how to help your beneficiaries not pay it. 

        • Taxes are always due, but you can control when to pay them
        • Avoid the tax time bomb that’s building in your retirement plan. 
        • We will show you why the 401k is now a terrible way to save for retirement.
        • Inheritance: TOD on all NQ accounts
          • Know what the best way is to pass your assets down to your kids

Minimizing taxes: Throughout your lifetime, AND to your kids

      • Providing guaranteed death benefits to beneficiaries
      • Life insurance- how much is enough? We can calculate it for you by running an in-force illustration. Let us review your existing policy, we can tell you:
        • What is your number?
        • Do you even need it?
        • Can potentially discontinue your existing policy & upgrade it to one that better suits your needs. 
        • Insurance has no annual reporting to the IRS, is completely hidden. Can’t tax what you can’t see, it is crucial to take advantage of this opportunity

Estate documents (5 essential), we can help coordinate


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