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Why Choose ABC Wealth?

We are Fiduciaries, and are required by law to put the clients’ best interest before our own.
Only 5% of all Financial Advisors are Fiduciaries. The big firms, and even some small “independent” advisors, will put you in a “cookie-cutter” plan that best suits THEIR needs, not yours. Using our proprietary 12-step protected growth strategy, our goal is to ensure you achieve the retirement you deserve, being transparent from start to finish.
ABC Wealth Inc. will help you prepare for retirement by putting your hard-earned assets to work while implementing our protected growth strategy. We believe in times like these, your assets need the upmost level of protection from the volatile and unpredictable world we are currently living in. The creation of our Back Nine Wealth Plan is 100% complimentary, no prior commitment required.

The Team behind ABC Wealth Inc. is made up of qualified financial professionals who are passionate about helping individuals and families achieve their ideal retirements.

Kingdom Principles
At ABC Wealth, we use ancient Biblical principles to help guide us in being good stewards with our clients’ money, including the concept of sowing and reaping and the parable of the talents (which teaches the values of a good steward).

Looking to the Bible for wisdom, Colossians 3:23 is our model:“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”.


Introduction & Discovery

A conversation about your plans, goals and dream…

Develop a Plan

Based on your goals ABC Wealth develops a customized plan for you and your family…

The Details

We sit down and share the details of the plan with you…                                 


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Fiduiciary. Finra designations: Series 65. Affiliated With ABC Wealth Advisors Life and Annuity Agency


A Calling to public service that brings great satisfaction to serve our fellow man.  Similar to that like the military, police/fire, medical or educational field.  We provide for our family by providing our knowledge, expertise & services to the individual.

The son of a father that was a cop & a mother who was a nurse, a deep sense of serving & protecting was instilled in me from when I was born. Raised to be bold, but to always respect & serve others. O-Line, Secret Service, 5 kids, special needs, non-profit, financial advisor was the path that started in 1993.

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