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The first step of our process is a conversation. You do most of the talking, and we focus on listening to better understand your goals & objectives.


ABC Wealth has chosen TD Ameritrade to be custodian on all securities related products, providing extensive expertise & technology platform.

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You will have 24/7 access to your accounts, both through our custodians, but also through and an encrypted web-based site provided by ABC Wealth.

Financial Plans Tailored to You We create long-term plans designed to handle anything life throws your way.


We are both a Registered Investment Advisory Firm and a Separate Insurance Agency (ABC Wealth Advisors, Inc.) TD Ameritrade is our custodian and  regulated by the states.


We are Fiduciaries. That means we are required by law to always put our clients’ interests first. This is a standard reserved only for the top 5% of industry firms.

Bad Investments

We are Independent. No parent company means no proprietary products.


We are Objective. We search the industry for the most competitive products available at the time & offer only the best to our clients.  These products are not available to the public and are generally unavailable to the other 95% of firms.


We are Planners, not product pushers. A typical F-Plan consists of 3-5 different accounts which all of are designed to achieve different goals, which are then integrated into a one-page plan that is easily understood.  Features of our F-Plan include: Liquidity, Protection, Growth, A Tax Advantages Component, Lifetime Income Guarantee, and a Legacy Plan for your heirs.

Financial Plan

A great financial plan is not just a plan that makes more wealth or lowers risk. But is one that is best for you & the one you feel most comfortable with.  The end result is a dramatic improvement to your current situation at the lowest cost, and risk, while also being as tax effective as possible.

What to Expect

The foundation of every plan starts with examining your current situation. We ask you to complete two worksheets so that we can better understand your financial situation: “Personal Cash Flow Statement” & “Net Worth Worksheet“. Both will be utilized during our first meeting, where we will discuss your needs, wants & goals. This is the start of your F-Plan. (“F” is for Fiduciary).

If your current financial plan does not account for future market volatility, increased taxes, or potentially running out of hard-earned savings, you are at risk for unsuccessful and unhappy retirement.

Keys To Success


Serving Your Personal Finance Needs If you would like to discuss your financial planning questions, give us a call at 1 (800) 550-4950

Doug Robb JR. President, Fiduciary, Servant

Being the Founder of ABC Wealth, a Fiduciary and head of an independent RIA, we have a distinct advantage over the vast majority of Financial Advisors in the industry that are employed by large firms.

Anthony Franzese Vice President

Financial Service Representative

VP of Marketing & Sales Sales

T. Michael Cappucio Chief Technology Officer

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Benefits that set us apart If you would like to discuss your personal financial planning, give us a call at 1 (800) 550-4950


“The single most important thing a person can do is to undertake proper financial planning. To create a roadmap that will navigate you through life’s many circumstances, while making adjustments along the way.  Not just doing it, but doing it right.”

25 Years Experience

Few things get me fired up as much as when i see brokers take advantage of people or when they just plop them in their firm’s own product and instruct them to “hold on.” In over my 25 years in this industry, unfortunately I’ve seen it thousands of times.  Their stale old sales pitch and people end up worse than when they started.

Number #4

ABC Wealth wants to be your #4. typically the top three most important components of a person’s life are; faith, family & health.  #4 should be financial security (or lack of it). A persons finances have a and it has a tremendous impact on life and must be managed with the utmost care & consideration.

Zero Obligation

ABC Wealth offers is a zero obligation, completely confidential review of your existing plan at no cost before we make any changes.  We promise never to replace a product that is already working well for you. We will show you the results of our recommendations.  Your plan will be presented with complete transparency & objectivity.